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The Renewable Energy industry is taking centre-stage again and we can expect fierce competition amongst various players, even though they share a common goal: accelerating the world towards using green, clean energy instead non-renewable fossil fuels.

Whilst data gathering technology has been around for several years, the emphasis has now clearly shifted towards how best to put it to work, and how the Renewable Energy industry can come together to learn from it, rather than simply moving antiquated analogue processes to a new system.

“Digitalisation is all about data and insights and not just using mobile devices to capture data in the field”

This mission aligns with Procore’s mission to connect every party involved in construction projects on a common platform, where everyone can collaborate from a single set of data, analytics, tools and technologies, and a single platform from which every stakeholder can extract tangible value.

Procore’s Value to Project Stakeholders: Data and Collaboration

It’s a ongoing challenge in all segments of construction to get contractors on board using new technology platforms or solutions. Mandating a specific platform’s use as a condition of getting paid is one option, but construction remains a collaborative environment, so outcomes are always better if stakeholders are enthusiastic users. That enthusiasm is easier to generate if a platform is easy to use and its value clearly demonstrated, as is the case with the Procore platform.

Reducing Rework with “Single Version of the Truth”

The ability for project owners and managers to view historic project data also goes a long way toward avoiding rework, and ensures that project stakeholders are working from the same, up-to-date set of project parameters.

The transition from development, sales and origination to construction operation often results in numerous issues, failures, budget overruns and miscommunication.

By getting data into Procore early on, everyone can view the complete history of a project, because many things change early in the project life cycle. The system size may change, panel types may change and engineering drawings may change. Many projects go wrong because the wrong set of plans are being used on site, especially in the analogue world, where people rely on hardcopy printed drawings.

Contact us to learn how Procore can help you gain a competitive advantage and deliver your future renewable energy project(s) on time and within budget.