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Every construction project (big or small) has many role players who need to see the site and know what’s happening. Until now, the only options were to take hundreds of pictures with no context of location, or video calling someone from the site. Now, OpenSpace is opening a whole new world.

Case studies in the UK have shown up to 50% savings on travel expenses. Imagine checking in on your site from the comfort of your office or even your home. No need to catch red-eye flights or live in expensive hotels — simply ask someone to take a walk and you can virtually visit the site that same day.

Anyone on site can strap on a camera, connect their phone, start recording, and upload the footage to OpenSpace after they’ve walked the site. From there, we’ll do the heavy lifting — using Artificial Intelligence, computer vision, 3D reconstruction and machine learning, the user’s position is plotted and 360° images are generated. You can move around and see the site as if you’re right there.

Not only can you have a 360° vision of your site but have features such as Split View and Field Notes you can compare the site to previous walkthroughs and even download a pdf report with the location and time of any field notes taken. And best of all, this processing happens in less than an hour — you can know what’s happening on-site without delay.

Reality Capture
plan with walk

The construction industry is undergoing radical change, and we believe the future has never been brighter. Artificial intelligence, computer vision, 3D scanning, and other technologies are rapidly evolving, bringing unprecedented opportunities to those willing to embrace them.

OpenSpace is the leader in automated 360° jobsite capture and AI analytics. Customers choose OpenSpace to quickly and easily capture a complete visual record of the jobsite which provides teams with a single source of truth that increases coordination, drives accountability, and simplifies dispute resolution.

OpenSpace offers an annual subscription that covers everything from quick renovations to multi-year megaprojects, from single jobsites to global portfolios. Your subscription price is based on the the amount of construction you do and offers you unlimited projects, captures, users, 24/7 support. This simplified license model enables you to capture all your jobsites as often as you are required to and collaborate with multiple project stakeholders, regardless of where in the world they are based.

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Please contact us should you want to arrange a reality capture of your site – or download an OpenSpace brochure to share with your colleagues.