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How to create a free google account with your work email

Maybe your company uses Microsoft 365 or some other provider, but you are collaborating with other people or companies that use Google Workspaces (formerly GSuite). You can follow this process to create a free Google account that’s associated with your work email. This way you don’t have to use your personal Gmail account and instead have one that’s dedicated to your existing work email.

Follow this link and sign up for a free google account which links to your work email account.


Google will then send you a verification email to your current email address and then you will be able to access google “services” via your work email. This is not “gaming” the system, but  a standard practice to create a Google account with any existing email you already have (that’s not already a Google Workspace account).

For more information on the difference between Google Workspaces and Microsoft 365 – read our previous blog.

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