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X-Ray Vision of your building

Most construction professionals are still making use of photos, taken on mobile phones to document jobsite progress and record observation and issues.  Even though a mobile phone has made the use a separate digital camera obsolete, there is still a huge dependency on the person taking these photos to do so thoroughly and then share with the wider project team afterwards. In many cases we still come across projects, where they have resorted to setting up WhatsApp groups to facilitate “sharing”. Even though WhatsApp helps to make these photos available to others immediately, any project stakeholder will find it extremely difficult to find a specific photo, taken in a specific location, on a specific date in future.

Using reality capture to document your job site has never been easier.

Using a 360° Camera and a virtual reality capturing platform allows teams to quickly digitize construction sites and makes this thorough documentation (almost) immediately accessible to others. Anyone with internet access and permission to access a project’s documentation, can easily navigate through the different development periods of the jobsite in future.

site capture with openspaxce

The great thing about Virtual Reality captures is that you can easily orient yourself on the virtual job site to understand where you are and navigate to what you going to see next. The documentation is no longer a bunch of detached pictures — it has become a virtual construction site. You can even manage your whole site in one single virtual project if your platform supports multiple sheets. This results in a virtual project per construction project, organising site documentation as best as we can. Think of it as “Google Street View for Projects”.

Being able to travel back in time and look at the state of your construction site on a day that a capture was taken is now giving us the ability to see through walls and ceilings. It is effective providing Asset Owners and their Consultants with X-Ray for their buildings. As the construction team closes up the building, they are still able to go back and see everything as it was originally installed. Even 10 years after the project concluded.

Openspace has extensive “field notes” capability that you can leverage during or after the site walk through. Once captured you can:

  • Markup the images with text and arrows to highlight key issues
  • Tag and categorise field notes
  • Generate sophisticated reports and set up task management
Field Notes

Learn more about how Reality Capture is changing construction on contact us for a quick demonstration of the OpenSpace platform,